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Sharp fotokopi makinesi servisi


With features that bring user-friendly operation to everyone in the workplace, Sharp MFPs help create a more comfortable, less stressful work environment. Easy, intuitive touchscreen controls ensure ready access to high-performance document functions. Outstanding usability also includes a variety of universal design features.

Next-Generation User Interface with Touchscreen LCD

Quick and efficient, Sharp’s next-generation user interface allows easy fingertip control and intuitive operation of cutting-edge MFP functions. A simple flick, tap, or slide on the colour touchscreen LCD opens the door to high-quality copying, effortless scanning, and more. Even first-time MFP users can navigate with ease. Thanks to multi-touch operation, two-finger pinch and spread gestures facilitate Web browsing and make it easy to shrink and enlarge images in Advanced Preview.

  • TapLightly touch one finger against an object or icon. For activating a function.
  • Long TouchHold one finger against an object or icon. For calling up a balloon display.
  • Pinch In/OutPlace two fingers against the screen and move them apart or together. For zooming in or out in preview mode.
  • FlickTouch the screen and jerk your finger sideways. For performing actions such as scrolling.
  • SlideHold one finger against the screen and move it up/down or left/right. For using scroll bars.
  • DragHold one finger against an object or icon for a certain length of time to drag it. For rearranging page order.

Advanced Preview

The Advanced Preview function saves time, effort, and paper by displaying scanned documents on the LCD for confirmation and editing before printout. Documents can be previewed in a choice of modes, including 3D, rotation, and thumbnail. Stapling, page layout, and other document finishes can be checked in advance. And previewed pages can be rotated, arranged in a different order, and deleted via tap-and-drag editing right on the touchscreen LCD.

Preview Mode

  • Thumbnail Preview
  • 3D Preview
  • One-Page Preview (Spread Out)

Edit Mode

  • Page Rotation
  • Page Transfer
  • Page Deletion

Action Panel and Mode Tabs

  • The Action Panel appears on the right side of the touchscreen to guide you through operational procedures. The MFP intuits what actions to take next and the Action Panel displays shortcut keys and messages pertaining to those actions.
  • Mode tabs at the top of the screen make it easy to change job modes (copy, fax, document filing, Sharp OSA, etc.).

Customisable Screen

The Home screen can be customised for individual users by programming their most frequently used functions and settings, creating shortcut keys for quick and easy access, and using logos, icons, background images, and other items prepared by the user. The Enlarge Display mode brings added readability. Users can also choose from a range of screen colours and languages.

Retractable Keyboard

full-size retractable QWERTY keyboard slides out from beneath the control panel to make text input fast and easy: convenient for typing things like e-mail addresses and messages, as well as passwords for user authentication.

Universal Design

  • The tiltable* control panel provides greater visibility and improved ease of use—even from a wheelchair.* Tiltable angle depends on MFP model and configuration.

  • Easy-grip handles allow the paper drawers to be grasped from the top as well as the bottom for easy opening and closing.

Note: Availability of these features and functions depends on model and country; some require optional equipment.